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13.Believe and santuaries:
There was a tophet and a temple for Baal Hamon. See: Chanoine Leroy, Le temple de Baal-Saturne à Hippone (Bulletin de l’Académie d’Hippone 32, 1912, p.47).  This temple was located in the NW corner of the town on the left riverside of the Wadi Sehun. The remains of many urns and vessels containing cremated bones have been found. A stelae (F 35) with an inversed crescent symbol, a ram and a palm-tree. It seems to be Neopunic (2nd-1st century BC).
Baal Hamon is replaced by Saturn.
Ph.Berger finds a Punic stelae with an image of a goddess (BAC 1896, p.221-222).
Hippo Regius became a centre of early Christianity and became also the Episcopal seat of St.Augustin. In that time a great Christian Basilica was built.
One has found a sarcophagi here (with the elbow), but that has been transported to Pavia in 1842.
A stone relief shows a priest.
Hippo was a centre of early Christianity, the Episcopal seat of St-Augustine.
This bishop wrote 21 books under which Civitas Dei, Confessiones and he explained the rule of predestination.   
A large Christian Basilica is built on the hill, that we call now, the hill of Augustine.
Theogenes in 256 AD
Leontius, probably a martyr in 303 AD
Fidentius, one of twenty martyres
Faustinus, a Donatist bishop
Valerius let a presbyter preach the Gospel
Augustinus (see above)
Proculeianus, second Donatist bishop
Macrobius, last Donatist bishop
Heraclius, last bishop of Hippo Regius

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