vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Bron bij de zee

The next city mentioned in Esarhaddon’s list of towns in the kingdom Sidon (676 BC)
is In-im-me, which is an obvious transcription of Phoenician ‘n ym, “Spring at the sea”.
It is rightly identified on phonetic grounds with the large village of an-Ne’me, en-Na’ima,
Naamé or el-Na’ameh, 15 km south of Beirut. This site has in fact yielded a large quantity of pre-Roman antiquities.

The word ‘n = spring we find in the inscription CIS I 3 / KAI 14 (lines16/17), made by Eshmunazor II, king of Sidon:
W’nḥn ’š bnn bt l’šmn šd/r qdš ‘n ydll bhr = And it was we who built a temple for Eshmun, the holy prince?, at the spring of YDLL in the mountains.
See: Ch.R.Krahmalkov, Phoenician-Punic Dictionary (p.381), OLA 90, St.Phoen.XV, Leuven 2000.
Is there still a spring in this village???

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