woensdag 20 januari 2016

Gadir 1

Càdiz has been since very old times inhabited. That makes that the buildings were constantly expanding, but also that old buildings were replaced by new ones. This process is still going on and that makes it for archaeologists who want to find in the soil the past of the city, extremely difficult to achieve results.
Nevertheless, there are continuing efforts undertaken. As early as 1610 AD. we can see the work "Grandeza y antgüedad de la Isla y ciudad de Càdiz" made by the hand of Suarez Salazar. In 1792 it comes to a first excavation and in 1826 and 1873 will follow more. From 1877 on to the occasional attempts are increasingly being replaced by a continuous search, which only receives a first closing in 1952. Archaeologists from that era include F.Cervera and P.Quitero. From 1979 to 2000, the work is almost done again every year. These are especially made by A.Muñoz Vicente Moreno and L.Perdigones.

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