donderdag 21 januari 2016

Gadir 3.



Kotinous (sa / Cotinusa.
For the mouth of the Rio Guadalete location are situated several islands and peninsulas. That was in ancient times as well. This comes in a report by Pliny the Elder (IV, 22) well expressed: "Timaeus says that the biggest is called Cotinusa by them; we call it Tartessos, the Punics name it Gadir (that's what the word "enclosure" means in the Punic language) 'saepes'...." Also Avienus speaks about it,"  Gadir is the old Cotinusa, the  Tyrian people call it Tartes(s)os, but it is still mentioned in that foreign language Gades ; Punic calls it Gadir, as “a place that is enclosed on all sides by a wall." One explanation for Cotinusa can be "island of wild olive trees.” In fact it is the long and thin island, that runs from the northwest to the southeast. The Phoenician name of this island we don’t know, but it could have been: ‘y-rk = long island or: ‘y-qṭn = thin island.

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