woensdag 21 januari 2015



On the way to the west after Mersa Bou Zedjar we encounter first the mouth of the Wadi Salado near the Plage Terga. It has good anchorage possibilities, but no Phoenician or Punic relics were found here. The next Wadi is called Ghazer, 35 km southwest of Cape Figalo. In this place G.Vuillemot found the handle of a Punic amphorae in an erosion slope which seems to indicate that a pre-Roman trade centre existed at this site (Reconnaissance, p.34). Until now no excavation has been done, but there are some ruins at the mouth of the Wadi Ghazer.
The attribution of coins with the Neo-Punic legend k m ’  to Camerata remains uncertain. See: Numismatique de l’ancienne Afrique, L.Müller, Copenhague 1860-1861 (NAA III p.124f, no 214). The Roman borough of Camerata occupied the site of a Moslem citadel erected at the mouth of the Wadi Ghazer. The evidence is meagre, but it is not impossible, that there was on this spot a pre-Roman trade centre.


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