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Dor 1

A southern Phoenician town in the Levant. 1

D ’ r (phoen.)
Twy3r (eg.)
Duru (akk.)
Dora/Doros (greek)
Dor (biblical)
Khirbat al Burj (nowadays)

The settlement is located near Tanturah.
An Englishman Thomson describes the area in 1857 as follows: “a sad and dreary hamlet…..
a nude beach, separated from the eastern hills by a swampy area.”
The swamps are now gone. The ridge of Kurkar is still there. Kurkar is a sandstone type, which is hardened by water and wind. Furthermore there are dunes and relics of the oak forests (Tabor oak=Quercus ithaburensis).
To the north of Dor we find Atlit and to the south the Nahr Zerka (blue river) or Crocodile river (Plinius). A little further to the south there is Caesarea or the tower of Straton. The latter suggests, that it was made by an Astarte, the Phoenician.


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