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Contents ARWAD

Table of contents of the history of Phoenician ARWAD.



Attentive readers may have noticed, that I put in an excerpt summarily the impressive history of ARWAD on facebook. It is an excerpt of a book in Dutch, which I made already in 1999. The paragraphs are in this following order:


1.Arwad before the Phoenicians

2.The beginning of the golden age of Arwad

3.The golden centuries

4.The plundering expeditions of the Assyrians

5.Mattanbaal I of Arwad

6.For almost a century there is no news from the eastern front

7.Dominion of Arwad becomes a Assyrian province

8.Arwad’s policy of non-interference

8a. Yakin-el of Arwad and his sons

9.A short Egyptian intermezzo around Arwad

10.The Neo-Babylonian period of Arwad

11.The Persian period of Arwad – the beginning

12.Arwad revival under the Persians

13.Arwad in the 1st half of the 4th century BC

14.To the end of Phoenician Arwad

15.Greek Arados?

16.Some open unsettled questions about Arwad


This completes my contribution on the story of Phoenician ARWAD.

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