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Yakin-el of ARWAD

YAKIN-EL of ARWAD and his sons.
The last powerful Assyrian king Assurbanipal (669-629? BC) is already concerned with Arwad, when he was not a king, but the crown-prince. In a letter (992) from the royal library of Niniveh he tells us, that Ia-ki-in-lu-u tried to harm the Assyrian trade. Ships, who are in or going to the “karu” of the Assyrians, are decoyed to the own harbours of Arwad. The crown-prince Assurbanipal asks his father and king Esarhaddon if it is necessary to sent the high official (rab mugi) Nabu-šarru-uṢur to Arwad. There is even talking about damage on a ship inflicted by Ia-ki-in-lu-u. There is also an Assyrian governor in Arwad (on the island or in a harbour at the coast?). Yakin-el is going to be imprudent, despite the fact that his name means: “Peace prevail by El”.
However, Yakinlu managed to be in charge of his city in the period c.670-c.650 BC. During the first campaign of king Assurbanipal the town Arwad pays obedient his tribute, just like most of the Phoenician cities and the Kyprian cities do (ARA 876). In the third campaign of Assurbanipal however follows a complete submission. ARA 780:
“Iakinlu, king of Arwad, who dwells in the midst of the sea, who had not submitted to the kings, my fathers, I brought under my yoke. His daughter, with a large dot, he brought to Niniveh, to serve as my concubine, and kissed my feet.”
Apparently the former king Mattanbaal III stays independent, but Yakin-el has to except the yoke of Assurbanipal. When Yakin-el dies around 650 BC his sons are obliged to go to Niniveh, because Assurbanipal wants to point out the new king by himself.
ARA 783: “After Iakinlu, king of Arwad died
Azi-baal (Azbaal=Baal is strong)
Abi-baal (Abibaal=Baal is my father)
Aduni-baal (Adonbaal=Baal is my lord/master)
Sapati-baal ((Shipitbaal=Baal rule!)
Budi-baal (Bodbaal=in the service of Baal)
Baal-iashupu (Baalyasop=Baal add to him/you/me)
Baal-hanunu (Baalhanno=Baal be gracious)
Baal-maluku (Baalmilk=Baal reign!)
Abi-milki (Abimilk=Milk is my <divine> father))
Ahi-milki (Ahimilk=Milk is my <divine. brother)
The sons of Iakinlu, who dwelt in the midst of the sea, came up out of the sea, and with their rich gifts came and kissed my feet. I showed favour to Azi-baal and installed him as king of Arwad. Abi-baal, Aduni-baal, Sapati-baal, Budi-baal, Baal-iashupu, Baal-hanunu, Baal-maluku, Abi-milki (and) Ahi-milki I clothed in splendid garments, put rings of gold upon their fingers, and caused them to stand before me.”

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