dinsdag 3 februari 2015

Al Hoceima

After Melilla/Rusaddir Ps.Skylax mentions a deserted island named Drinaupa. That could be Alboran halfway to Spain, which was at that time most probably deserted, but this not likely. Ps.Skylax is describing the route along the African coast to the Pillars of Herakles. We most look for an island near the coast and in the bay of Hoceima are situated some islands, the mayor of which is called Penon de Alucemas. But was it a Phoenician settlement as well? C.L.de Montalban thinks so. He also indicates that at the mouth of the rivers Nekor and Rhis are Phoenician and Carthaginian findings available. The Romans call the bay of Hoceima AD SEX INSVLAS between the two capes TORIUM and CANNARVM. Is one of these islands indeed Drinaupa? There is another island along this coast: Penon de Velez de la Gomera, approx.40 km further to the west and that also deserted. Montalban puts the names Parietina and Torre de Alcala there. Here he finds Phoenician and Carthaginian findings as well.
I am not aware of any recent study who has confirmed the results of Montalban. The question if a Phoenician or Carthaginian settlement was present stays to my knowledge unanswered.

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