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On the way to the west after Al-Hoceima the Phoenicians sailed for 40 km alongside the ‘
“Massif des Bokkoyas”, arrived at Penon de Velez de la Gomera and made perhaps a pause at the Torres de Alcala on the mouth of the Oued Frah or a little further on the mouth of the Oued Mestasa after Cape Tris. At this last oued C.L.Montalban noticed again Phoenician and Carthaginian findings. In this by archaeologists almost forgotten corner of the Rif mountains I could not trace back any excavation, which has confirmed the statements of G.L.Montalban.
From the Cape Tris/Oued Mestasa it is only 40 km to a possible next stop at the Punta Pescadores/Pointe de Pecheurs on the mouth of the Oued Ouringa. The Romans named the place COBVCLA and settled there from 30-330 AD. Again according to C.L.Montalban the place delivered also Phoenician and Carthaginian findings, as well as in the neighbourhood at Taasa on the left side of the Oued Ouringa. Nowadays the point of the fishermen is called El-Jebha.
Another 20 km to the west is the month of the Oued M’ter. At nearby is the place Maaden, where C.L.Montalban finds Phoenician and Carthaginian relics. It takes 30 km further to the west to reach the Oued Bouchia. In the meantime we pass a lone rock-island: I.Jaegerschmidt. Bou Hamed is the next finding place of Phoenician and Carthaginian relics, which are not confirmed by recent excavations. The Romans gave the town the name TAENIA LONGA, but there are different opinions about this. Unfortunately C.L.Montalban did not publish any of his findings. But, as far as I know, he was the only one who did his utmost to dwell in this region in order to find traces of the Phoenician and Carthaginian sailors. I am convinced that he did.
As the crow flies it is c.100 km between Al-Hoceima and the Oued Lau, the next confirmed Phoenician settlement.  When you follow the coast the distance is c.130 km. There must have been 1 or 2 port of calls between Hoceima and Oued Lau.

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