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Between Melilla and Al-Hoceima need have located one or two intermediate stations for the Phoenicians. Cazaza appears to be a questionable case, of whom César Luis de Montalban said in 1932 that Phoenician and Punic finds were done, but later no confirmation could be obtained. At Oued Amekrane near Al-Hoceima it is going the other way around. Montalban mentions the place Sidi Dris at the mouth of Oued Amekrane again at his cards, but does not mention Phoenician or Punic finds. We have to wait to 2004 for an Italian-Moroccan research ("Recherches archéologiques maroco-italiennes dans le Rif" Africa Romana XV, 1, 2004, p.567-604). They carefully read the present Arab sources. In the 10th century Ibn Hawkal mentions many ruins. An unknown writer of the 12th century of the Kitab al-istibsar qualifies Nakur (mouth Oued Amekrane) as an ancient city. The Caliph al-Mamoun calls on his map from the same time Nakur as a city founded by the Amalekites (giants from the east). Bakri and Ibn Idhari call Sidi Dris as the foundation of Sa'id ibn Idris. Researchers at the Université Hassan II Mohammedia and the University of Cassino and the INSAP Rabat went to work in 2001 and they first found amphorae of type C Mana r-b (Dr.18) and fragments from the time of Pompey, thus indicating at least a Roman past. Furthermore, there were found seven graves, referring to the 1st century BC. Further research is done on a hill on the left bank of the Oued Amekrane near the village of Aït Taya near the marabout Sidi Driss. Many of the ruins were used to build or reconstruct existing homes. 500 meters to the west were finally found structures with material that dates from the 7th century period - 5th century BC. In the wonderful book entitled "La Mediterranee des Phéniciens" Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2007-2008, page 295 is then confirmed by Abdelaziz El Khayari the discovery of a Phoenician settlement, but the exact understanding of the material found missing me, however. Maybe someone can do further research on this.


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